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Hitting One Year of Blogging - What Blogging Has Meant to Me – Isablog

Hitting One Year of Blogging – What Blogging Has Meant to Me

Well that’s it. It’s officially been one entire year since I first hit publish on a post, effectively creating Isablog. There’s a part of me that’s slightly surprised that I’ve managed one year of blogging, but in reality it was inevitable that it was going to happen if I just kept writing. So I guess I’m just going to talk about why I started blogging in the first place and what the blog has meant to me.

My daughters first birthday
Technically this was for Isabelle’s first birthday, but there’s a ‘one’ on the balloon so I’m using it

Starting a Blog to talk about postnatal depression

When I first started this blog I never really knew what it would become. I just wanted a place to post my story of postnatal depression. That was it. But I quickly found that expressing myself via the written word was something that really helped me mentally. I thought I was fine when I first hit publish; that postnatal depression was my past, not my future. But I was wrong.

Eventually I had another breakdown but this time I had a place to talk about it. Rather than allow it to consume me and worsen, I managed to express how I felt and deal with my feelings by actively, and publicly, writing about them. In short, it’s meant the following:

This blog has given me a place to feel less alone in the world. And if it’s helped someone else feel the same then that’s all I could hope for

In the end, this blog has given me a chance to talk about dads suffering from postnatal depression on a public level. I have no idea if I’ve helped change people’s opinions on this, if I’ve helped convince any dads to seek help or actually done anything of any worth. But I’ve tried. I’ve tried to help in whatever way I can when I haven’t always wanted to. We even ended up on This Morning to talk about it. There’s no chance we ever thought that would happen:

Maybe I haven’t made a difference or actually helped anyone. But over 120,000 people have watched me talk about it on that video. There has to be at least one person in that number who took something from it. That’s what keeps me talking about my experience when I don’t always want to. At the end of the day I consider myself recovered. I don’t have to talk about postnatal depression anymore. But I’ll keep doing it every now and then to continue to try and reach those yet recovered.

One Year of Blogging: The Numbers

I’ll be honest, I don’t massively care about the blogging numbers these days. But I do love stats in general – although less so these days than I used to. I’ve always said to Rachel that when I die I want God to meet me in heaven – if that’s how it works – with a book of the stats of my life. I want detailed, absolutely stupid stats like: number of breaths taken, number of nappies changed, a detailed breakdown of the music I’ve listened to, how many times I’ve scratched my left knee in compression to my right, total amount of miles walked. Literally everything. It would be insanely enjoyable to go through that book. So it only makes sense that I like looking at the website stats just out of curiosity. Here’s a map of the views:

First year of blogging stats
A map of all the places people have viewed the blog from – this still blows my mind!

Since starting the blog this time last year, I’ve written over 140,000 words, across 159 posts. Over 22,500 people have viewed a page on this website from over 100 different countries. Don’t get me wrong, there was only one person from Botswana, but cheers to that person for popping by. These numbers are just counting from December since I only moved to WordPress from then, so I did lose quite a lot of views from the old website. Not that anyone, including myself, cares about that.

I know there are bloggers out there who pretty much hit these numbers on a monthly basis. But it’s not bad for one year of blogging. I also don’t really bother that much with self promotion. I mainly just write a post, post it on the social media sites and that’s it. Very rarely will I bother trying to share it to more places, do link ups and all the other stuff most bloggers do for exposure. Since this is just a hobby I don’t actually have to worry about any of the above. I’ve merely talked about it because I find it mildly interesting.

Thank you to Everyone who has ever be involved in this blog

I want to just say a big thank you to everyone who has ever read something on this blog. To those who have shared a post, left a comment, talked to me on social media, watched a video, or done anything related to what I’ve done with Isablog, then thank you.

I hope people have enjoyed some of the things that I’ve done. I try my best to just have fun, express myself and most importantly keep things honest. At the end of the day I’m just another parent trying to learn how best to bring up their child. That’s about it really. If I’m not depressed or writing about mental health I just try to have fun.

Looking Ahead to Year Two of Blogging

Some people like writing plans and goals for what they want for their blog. Not me. I don’t really have anything I want to achieve over the next year – I don’t want to grow my social media accounts, or hit a certain numbers of views. I don’t have control over any of that so I won’t worry about it.

My main goal is to just keep getting better as a writer, keep having fun, and most importantly, I want this blog to be a benefit to our life as a family, and not a hindrance – all of that I have a lot of say in. If I can earn a little bit of money from time to time then that’s great. But I’m honestly not in this for the money. It’s been a big financial loss thus far, not a profit.

I don’t have time to try and chase opportunities purely to get some cash. I’ve turned down quite a bit over the last year because I haven’t fancied doing it or it would take too much time away from the family. Other than that, I can’t really say what the next year will consist of. And that’s the exciting part. I’m just going to write about whatever comes up and continue trying to be the best dad I can be for Isabelle and the best husband to Rachel. At the end of the day that’s the important thing.



I’m a 27 year old married father of one – soon to be two! I started blogging after suffering with postnatal depression when Isabelle was born. These days I just talk about my life as a dad.

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  1. 9th August 2018 / 8:51 am

    Congratulations on reaching your 1 year blogiversary! Such a big milestone because so many people give up before now. It’s great that you can be so honest about the Post Natal Depression you felt and, as you say in the interview, the difference between the media portrayal and real-life experience can be so vast. My husband and I both struggled with feeling neutral towards our 2nd baby for a while and, similarly to you, it just took determination to spend time with her individually and belief that one day the emotion would come (which happily it did and we couldn’t bear to be without her now!). I think you have a great attitude to your blog stats and blogging in general, and I wish you a very successful 2nd year in blogging!

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