Hitting One Year of Blogging – What Blogging Has Meant to Me

Well that’s it. It’s officially been one entire year since I first hit publish on a post, effectively creating Isablog. There’s a part of me that’s slightly surprised that I’ve managed one year of blogging, but in reality it was inevitable that it was going to happen if I just kept writing. So I guess I’m just going to talk about why I started blogging in the first place and what the blog has meant to me. Starting a Blog to talk about postnatal depression When I first started this blog I never really knew what it would become. I just…

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Dad Diaries #3 – Letting the Blog Take Over the Family

The other day I talked about the fact that I could sense myself slipping a little bit with my depression. But in that post I didn’t really talk about why. I even said that “it could be any number of reasons, but this post isn’t really about the why.” This post on the other hand, is going to delve into that slightly. Apologies in advance, this might be a long one. Getting Too Absorbed in the World of Blogging Over the last few months I’ve become growingly more absorbed and obsessed with the blog and everything that surrounds it. I’ve managed…

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Thinking About My Daughters Digital Footprint

When I started this blog, I didn’t really think about my daughter’s digital footprint. Maybe it was because I didn’t expect that I would actually keep blogging, or perhaps it just wasn’t on my mind. But since I’m very much looking at making this a permanent thing, and since it is growing, I thought it would be best that I thought about what this blog might mean for her, and more importantly, her unconsented digital footprint. What Is a Digital Footprint? As you can probably guess, I post photos of my daughter online. Lots in fact. Every time I do…

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