Couch to 5K Week 1: Starting the Journey to Being Healthier

I talked the other day about wanting to be healthier for the sake of Isabelle. Well this week I’ve actually achieved week one of the couch to 5k! I’m pretty amazed at myself. It might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. 

Me and Isabelle shortly after my couch to 5k week one
Me and Isabelle shortly after finishing day three

Week One of the Couch to 5K

I’ve been here before. This is hardly the first time I’ve wanted to get healthy, exercise, or lose weight. I start with a light jog to see what I can manage, then that’s it. I don’t have the motivation or the discipline to go for a second, let alone a third jog. So to actually complete 3 days of the couch to 5k is a huge achievement for me.

Was it hard? Day one was Monday and yes it was difficult. I was pretty knackered, beetroot red and completely unfit. I then had a few days in work so didn’t go again until Friday. When the time came, I really didn’t want to go; I fought with myself over whether or not to do it, and I tried to make the usual excuse of “oh it won’t matter if I miss a day.” 

But rather than let myself slip, I pushed through and went out and did it. After the first run of the 30 minute challenge I really started to enjoy it. I was still glad to see the finish when it came but I actually enjoyed running for probably the first time I can think of. 

Saturdays run was a bit harder, but I was looking forward to it. Bad timing though of running after food – rookie error there – but I pushed through the small stitch and managed it quite well. And again, once it was finished I had that same euphoric feeling I had on Friday. The sense of accomplishment that comes when you push through and do something you know you should.

Doing this has been good for Isabelle & Ross too – it gets us all out of the house and exploring just before Isabelle is out for the night

Weight Loss for the Week: Loss of 10lbs!

In terms of my weight, I’ve done pretty well this week. I know you lose quite well in the first week of dieting alone but I actually managed to lose 10lb! I can actually notice it in my hips too which has been motivation in itself! The hard part might come when I inevitably have a week where I don’t lose anything or even gain. Finding the motivation when you don’t see results is always a difficult thing. But hopefully I’ll just keep going and know it’ll come in the end.

Roll on week two! Meals are planned, running days are planned so let’s see what next week holds!

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Couch to 5K Week one: Starting my Journey to being healthier

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