Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for 6 to 12 Month Olds

I’m leaving this late. Well, very late. But here are 6 things that I feel would make somewhat decent presents for babies aged somewhere between 6-12 months; basically Isabelle’s age range. I’ve provided Amazon links to most of the products, but you don’t have to feel obliged to buy anything via these, it’s merely for me to show you the gift.

1. MyHummy Teddy Bear 

Looking for a soft, cuddly toy for your little one? Then look no further than this. Not only does MyHummy offer a good teddy, but it also offers white noise that helps your baby fall asleep. It’s the perfect match. If you want to read more about what I think of this, then you can do so here.

If you’re interested in buying one, then you can so via the MyHummy Shop. But you can just ask Isabelle, not literally, if it works. She’ll probably tell you “AHHHHHH!” Since that’s currently her favourite ‘word’, but in her head, she’d be saying “Yes, Pearl is my best friend.”

2. Musical Piano Mat

The jury is still out on whether or not music lessons benefit children in an academic sense. Some have said it makes no difference, others say it boosts IQ. But for me, what it does is better integrate our two sides of our brain. Our right, designated for the nonverbal aspects of our interactions, such as eye contact, tone, and posture. And our left, designated for the more logical and literal aspects of the world. What something like playing an instrument does is help combine the two. If you take the Whole -Brain Child approach to children, then these integrations are incredibly important for our mental well-being.

My point? Start them young. Get your child used to something like a piano play mat at an early age, and then merely upgrade it as they get older. We already had a keyboard before Isabelle was born, and it’s currently in her playroom. Whenever she’s in there, I simply sit there and try to play it, and it doesn’t take her long to crawl along and try to take over. Click the image below to go through to Amazon:

Piano Mat
Purchase here

3. Wooden Toy Clock

It isn’t Christmas for a child if they don’t have something wooden. I have absolutely no idea how Santa makes an iPhone, but I can see how he makes toys made of wood. For us, that’s the thinking we’ll likely apply when it comes to giving Isabelle gifts from Santa. They’ll be more ‘handmade’ and we’ll try every year to give her something like this that is made from wood.

I also like what this clock offers from a learning aspect. For a start you can help teach them how to tell time, not that this is going to be a massively needed skill in the future where analogue clocks will become ancient, but still, it’s still helpful. Then there’s the shapes, you can teach them what a circle is, what a triangle is, heck, even what a trapezium is. And yes, I did Google that one, as I had no idea what that shape was. See, this toy even taught a 26 year old, college educated adult something.

Wooden Clock 2
Purchase here

4. Wooden Activity Baby Walker

I love this item. It’s wooden, has a xylophone on it, numbers, an abacus and shapes. It combines what I’ve suggested from a bunch of the other gifts, and put it all altogether into a single walker. I actually stumbled across this looking for the walker Rachel bought Isabelle for Christmas, and I prefer this one. So much so, I think we might just buy this and she can just have two of them.

This one is actually a pretty applicable item for the age range I’ve suggested. Isabelle is currently approaching 8 months old, and, if I’m honest, is a bastard nightmare with her standing. Give her two seconds, and I literally mean two seconds, and she’s crawled 5 meters across the room, grabbed onto the settee and is already half way to pulling herself up. It’s hard work. Well, not so much for me, I’m in work during the day, so for Rachel it’s been hard. But I get a slither of what she experiences when I get home.

Anyway, my point is, she’s on the verge of trying to walk. And it really won’t be long before she can really get into the swing of using something like this. We’ll just have to be super careful that she doesn’t get a head of steam, smash into a wall and take a viscous tumble onto some tiles. Although she has added ‘graceful fall’ to her ever growing skill set, so we might be ok.

Purchase here

5. Stuff For when they’re older

Let’s be honest, a 6-12 month old doesn’t actually need that much do they? Chances are, what you’ve already got around the house is more than enough for them anyway, so buying more is just wasting your money when it could probably be spent more wisely elsewhere. That’s why I’ve suggested stuff that you can kind of use now, but will become more practical as they get older. So my last suggestion plays a little on that. Why not grab them some 12-18 month clothes, some picture books (the Works have 10 for £10), or even a load of nappies and wet wipes. You know, push the boat out and treat yourself. Who doesn’t want to open up a 12 pack of nappies on Christmas morning! I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t even be the worst present I’ve gotten Rachel, our first Christmas as a couple saw her open up a tin of tomato soup. Set the bar low, I say.

Well that’s it. That’s my almost-too-late guide to what to buy your 6-12 month old (give or take) if you’ve almost completely forgot about Christmas and like buying stuff with just over a week left. I guess that’s why they started Amazon Prime.

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