Review: Messy Me Clutch Bag

Looking for a small, stylish changing bag made of an easy to clean material? Well that’s quite convenient as that’s exactly what I’m reviewing here. What are the chances?

I’ll get straight into it then:

This is an ideal changing bag for those who want to travel light and not have the pain of carrying a regular sized bag around. Not that I’ve ever seen this as a problem, I will admit, but then I literally carry a bag around for a living (postman, if you must ask). But despite its small size, you can surprisingly still fit a decent amount inside. This is what we comfortably put in our clutch bag:



In total, we had three nappies, an almost empty pack of wet wipes, some massage oil, sudacrem, coconut oil, teething gel, nappy bags and of course the changing mat that comes with the bag. Which then looked like this:


Doesn’t look too rammed now does it? All of this can then comfortably slot into your own bag, in the stroller, somewhere in the car for emergencies, or basically anywhere you want. I’m not here to judge.



Whilst the bag can clearly fit quite a bit, if you wanted a spare pair of clothes, or you needed bottle feeding stuff (we’ve never had that problem), then you might struggle a little with this bag. Of course, you could bring all of those things a separate bag, but carrying around two would feel like it defeats the point in purchasing this one.

Whilst I’m talking about the negatives, I will admit that the price tag could be considered a little steep. It’s £18.50 for a backup changing bag, which is arguably a bit, but at least it’s a British based product using British manufacturers. It’s not a cheap, poorly made product shipped in from China for dirt cheap prices, and sometimes it’s a good thing to pay a little more for something like that.

I think the problem these days is the high influx of foreign goods we see on the likes of eBay and Amazon, and those ridiculously cheap prices do make something like this seem quite high. But, unfortunately, that’s the world we live in. And people do tend to go with what product is the cheapest. If you’re simply after something cheap, then maybe this isn’t for you. If you want to support British companies, then maybe you’re looking in the right place.

Also, the changing mat is extremely thin, so if you find yourself somewhere with a hard floor to change your baby, the mat really won’t offer much in way of comfort. But it’s perfectly fine being placed over a public changing mat that you don’t want your baby being directly on, and I think that’s what they were actually going for anyway.


On the plus side, the material for this bag is excellent. We even wiped poop from a nappy directly into the material to test to see if it stained, or how difficult it was to wipe off. Yes, we are that dedicated to testing products. I’m also glad to say that it all came off immediately with no stains and no fuss. I will admit that we didn’t exaclty leave it on there for hours to see what would happen, but we’re also not that crazy.

With that in mind, it does bode well for Messy Me’s other products. The oilcloth material seems ideal for highchair coversbibs, or even a splashmat. We’ve recently started weaning Isabelle, and we quickly realised how messy it can be, so having products like this would be a great help.

I also like this bag as a backup, or even as one I can put in a backpack for Isabelle when she finally has to be looked after for the day when Rachel goes back to work. It will easily fit in said backpack (along with a bunch of other supplies I’ll be sending her off with) with enough in it for 6/7 hours of being somewhere else. For that, it seems ideal.


To sum up, the Messy Me clutch bag is a decent product, made from excellent material, but does have its limitations. I can’t see this bag ever being someones main bag, so with that in mind, you’re essentially paying £18.50 for a secondary changing bag to keep in the car, give to carers or whatever you want to use it for. All in all, I give this product 3.5 stars, and would recommend it if you are after a travel changing bag or something along those lines.

If you want to buy the clutch bag, then you can so here.

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*Disclaimer* – I was sent this item in exchange for this review. But the opinions are entirely my own.


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