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Babywearing: A Dad's Journey – Isablog

Babywearing: A Dad’s Journey

So, apparently it’s International Babywearing week. I know, I didn’t know about it either, I just came across it via Facebook (like everything these days), and since both myself and Rachel enjoy babywearing, I thought I’d do a post about it. I do write a blog after all, so I guess writing things would be a good thing to do.

I’ll be honest, when we first had Isabelle, I didn’t really have much intention to wear my baby carrier. I think we just bought it as it was on our list of things to get, much like all the bottle related things that we’ve since sold. I only went cheap, and just spend £10.99 on eBay, which is incredibly cheap compared to the ones you can get on Mothercare.

We first started using it just for a laugh. Isabelle was somewhere around 7 weeks old, and just for the fun of it, and since we had it, I decided to wear it around the house. We put her in it, and within ten minutes Isabelle had actually fallen asleep. It was awesome. To have her peacefully sleeping whilst I continued to potter around the house felt pretty good. Suffice to say, that day was a good one.

After that, came the step to wear it in public. Which for some reason I wasn’t too fussed on. To be completely honest, I thought I looked like a dick. So we first used it on a a forest walk, when she was around 11 weeks old, not too far from the house. It gave me a chance to wear it out and about, but hopefully without getting seen.

Eventually, I realised that I probably didn’t look like a dick, I was just being a little bit stupid. Either that, or I didn’t care that I did. If there’s one thing having a baby teaches you, it’s that it’s ok to look stupid once in a while. You will always end up doing something that looks silly. Whether that’s making fart noises whilst holding the baby around Tesco (other supermarkets are available) or singing the Grand Old Duke of York surrounded by strangers. You will look daft much through your life as a parent, it seems.

So I embraced it. I basically thought screw it. I like using it, Isabelle loves being in it, so let’s just keep it up. And we have. We essentially ditched the pram on July the 5th (I know the date as we were in Bournemouth) and we haven’t looked back since. Now, every time we go somewhere with Isabelle I can have her on my chest, front facing, looking out at the world. I often give her my hands, which she often then chews, and spend much of the time talking about what we’re seeing or doing. Here we are exploring Amsterdam:

Once Isabelle is done looking around, I can quickly flip her around and she’ll promptly fall asleep on my chest as we continue walking. Like she did in Glastonbury:

For anyone out there wondering whether babywearing is for you, I’d highly recommend you at least give it a try. I spent £10.99. That’s a drop in the ocean compared with the amount of money we spend on things for the baby. If you like it, then the value is incredible. It keeps you in close contact with your baby, it means you don’t have to push a pram around and have it fill up the car, and most importantly,it can give your baby the stimulation they need, and likely want. This also means they’re much more likely to be tired in the night, which is never a bad thing.

Personally, I feel like these days we try to distance ourselves too much from our babies. It’s not in our evolution to be away from them as much as we are. They didn’t have cots, prams and bouncers thousands of years ago. People had no choice but to be with their babies all day and all night. And whilst we have moved on from those times, your baby has not. They don’t know it’s 2017. They’re very much the same as someone born all those years ago. So for me, I love giving Isabelle what she’s programmed to want; comfort and closeness with her parents.

After a review of a carrier? We currently use the Hanababy carrier, so you can read about that if you wish. I’ve also made this a suggestions in terms of postnatal depression recovery on the toolkit.

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