Taking a Four Month Old Baby on Holiday In the UK

The past week we’ve taken Isabelle, our four month old baby on holiday around the UK. We basically spent a single night in each place, a total of 6 locations, before returning home.

What We Learned from taking a Four Month Old Baby on Holiday

I don’t want to talk massively about the trip, as I’ve summed it up on the UK Road Trip post. On there I’ve also talked about each individual day. So if you really want an in-depth look what what we did, then I of course recommend that one.

As for the road trip in general, we certainly learned a lot from traveling with a four month old.

Don’t Do Lots of Different Places

Heading out each day to somewhere new might seem great if we did this as a coupe. But doing it with a four month old in tow wasn’t exactly the best idea.

Had Isabelle been bottle fed, then there was no chance we would’ve made this trip. It’s only because at this stage we don’t really need to take that much that we were able to do it. We need some toys, clothes and all the usual stuff, but that’s all containable in one suitcase. It’s not like we needed a highchair, a prep machine, and everything else that would’ve made this trip highly unlikely. But packing back up, loading the car, and then driving for a few hours each day wasn’t the best way to spend our time.

A Cruise to Amsterdam is Hardly Something for a Baby

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the cruise over to Amsterdam, and of course the city itself. But doing it with a four month old felt a little bit pointless. They had a casino, a cinema, restaurants, plenty of stuff that we didn’t even use. That’s mainly because Isabelle’s bedtime routine starts around 6pm, and then we’re basically done for the night.

The cabin was also ridiculously cramped, so it’s hardly the best place to spend a large amount of time.

Basically, if we did this trip again, we just would’ve made our way down from Newcastle and perhaps stayed somewhere else. But still, we do now have a magnet from Amsterdam in our kitchen, and we’ve been somewhere new. So it’t not all bad.

Us in Amsterdam whilst taking our Four Month Old Baby on Holiday
Here she is, looking very much like she’s going “why the hell am I in Amsterdam?”

Just Go For It

Look, it’s very easy to see a four month old as a burden. Babies in general can be if you let them. But I wanted to do this trip to show to myself that Isabelle isn’t a burden and you can still do things that you want to do. All you have to do is just go for it.

Want to go on a trip around the UK with your baby? Then do it. You’ll adapt and adjust. You’ll have the odd night or moment that isn’t the best, but we still loved doing this trip. Giving Isabelle the opportunity every day to see new stuff was awesome, and she seemed to genuinely love it. And hopefully it’ll set us up with the eagerness to travel more with her.

Here’s a Video About Taking a Four Month Old Baby on Holiday

Before I go on, I will say that this video SUCKS! You can still of course watch it if you want. But this was back in the day (I’m editing this post from quite a few months into the future) where I would just hit record and ramble. They were almost all terrible videos and I did this style for roughly 10 weeks. I have learned since then about how easy it is to edit videos.

I like watching this one just to see how much I’ve progressed since starting doing stuff on YouTube. I’m not sure if you’ll get anything from this video, but you can laugh at how terrible I am if you want.



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