UK Road Trip Day Six: Hinckley Island

Today started pretty early. By 5:50 I was on the top deck, watching the sunrise and smoking a Cuban cigar. Don’t get me wrong, I probably looked a little bit like a dick. A cigar really doesn’t suit me. But it’s on my bucket list to smoke one, and doing it in that setting seemed like as good a place as any.

I guess I’ve always liked the idea of smoking a cigar. It feels like one of those things that’s about more than just the cigar. It’s about finding a quiet place, and sitting in contemplative thought. I’m all up for creating moments like that, I just could’ve done it so much better without the cigar. But, it was on the bucket list, and now it’s been ticked off.

Before you panic, I made sure to shower, brush my teeth and change my clothes when I got back to the cabin. There’s no way I’m risking exposing Isabelle to any of the smoke that would’ve lingered on me.

On a side note, if you happen to want three-quarters of a Cuban cigar, then feel free to contact me via the Facebook page. I’ll brace myself for the high demand this is going to get.

After yesterday, I almost felt like we bit off more than we could chew, and with a 3 hour plus drive down to Hinckley Island I didn’t want today to continue that feeling. Fortunately, considering the drive length, Isabelle was pretty good, and we arrived right on check-in time meaning we could make the most of what is a much more relaxing hotel than what we’ve had the rest of this week.

We were both pretty glad we picked a hotel like this for the final day. After a week of exploring cities, driving around and mostly smaller, cooped up rooms, this was the best way to finish.

Happy Isabelle, as usual, in another hotel

After a quick feed and change we were heading for the hotel swimming pool, something that Isabelle has loved at the leisure centres thus far. It wasn’t quite the same today, the pool was much colder, there were several kids diving around the pool and there were no toys for her to play with. We didn’t last long.

Suffice to say, she much preferred her bath later with Rachel, and pretty much giggled the entire time she was in there. This was actually the first bath she’d had whilst we’ve been away. Much to her and Rachel’s dislike, every hotel has had a shower. So she loved this hotel. Even if she did cry a little once we finally took her out.

To be honest, that’s probably about it. That’s the holiday as good as done. We’ll probably have another swim in the morning and maybe a session in the gym, got to get your money’s worth, and then we’ll be heading home.

Tonight is probably not the time to reflect on the journey as a whole, I’ll save that for the vlog:


Sorry about the quality of the above video, that was made before I both edited videos and had a proper camera. I’ve learned a lot since making that video, and it’s probably very bad.

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