UK Road Trip Day One: Birmingham

It’s a daunting prospect. Taking a 4 month old baby on a 6 day, 700 mile round trip across the UK with a ferry to Amsterdam in between. It’s something that not many people would even consider. But taking Isabelle away is something that all three of us have loved so far, so why not extend it a little further and see places we haven’t even been to ourselves.

My initial problem with Isabelle was that I felt like she was a burden. And if you keep that thought process, a newborn baby really can feel like one. Rather than letting myself continue with that mentality, I decided I’d just find things that I wanted to do, and basically just try and do them. Hence why we’re going on this trip. Don’t get me wrong, it helps that my wife is still breastfeeding. Maybe if we had to take bottles, formula, sterilisers, bottle warmers and whatever else would be needed, then we’d probably struggle. Possibly not even go. But, this is just another good reason for breastfeeding. You don’t need any of that, you can just up and leave and all the milk you want is sat there waiting.

I wasn’t going to write a travel blog about this trip. I honestly feel that no one really cares about what I’m going to have to say over these next few days. And of course, I’m probably right. But then that’s my mentality with this blog in general. I’m assuming no one cares, but I write anyway. I enjoy it, and I write for me. So if you’re interested in two random people and their baby going on holiday and talking about it, then great, this is literally the blog for you, if not, then there’s plenty of other things to do in this life that can fill your time.

I aim to write at the end of every night, it’s basically going to be when we’re chilling out in the hotel for Isabelle’s bedtime routine and her on/off feeding from around 7. So yeah, as the person who cannot feed her, I tend to have free time in the evenings.

Anyway, should I start with day one?

As is a growing theme with Isabelle, she was amazing in the car. Rather than waking half way through the journey and screaming until she was fed (something she used to do), she merely slept, and eventually shat herself, covering both her clothes and the car seat. Unfortunately, this also appears to be a theme. Great start.

A quick change down a random side street in the sweltering sun, and we’re headed to Cannon Hill Park. An area had it not been for the heat, and the fact it’s a bank holiday Monday, would’ve been terrific. Instead of enjoying the swan boats, or the mini golf, we simply sat on the grass in the shade and helped Isabelle in her pursuit to finally be able to crawl.

Of course, none of us minded this. There’s nothing wrong with sitting down outside with absolutely nothing to do. Isabelle seemed to enjoy it, even if she did have that “I’m pure evil” look to her face:


A few hours later, and eventually we got to the hotel, where we quickly learned our first lesson. Take a holiday suitcase and a hotel bag. Don’t get me wrong, it would’ve been easier had the hotel had parking, or had we knew it had parking. But lugging 2 cases down a main road in Birmingham proved quite fun. A backpack could’ve proved much more useful. Still, another day and another lesson learned.

When we got to the room, and I will wrap this up soon, I’m almost rambling as much as I do on my vlog, we got to see exactly why we do this. Isabelle’s smile:

I understand that the photo isn’t the best, but she has an uncanny ability to know where the camera is and not smile at it.

She absolutely loves going away. I have no idea why, but she’s just different. It’s almost like she senses that she’s spending my money, and it gives her some sort of uncontrollable pleasure. I pray it doesn’t continue as she gets older.

Anyway, I’m now sat in a hotel room with a grinning baby and an equally happy wife, eating some cheap pizza enjoying the fact that we’re all away together. Roll on tomorrow and whatever other challenges Isabelle throws at us.

You can read about the other days on this road trip here.


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