Theybies: The New Bullshit Term for Gender Neutral Parenting

I’ve heard some bizarre shit in my time, but I recently came across the term ‘Theybies’ and thought “here we go again, more of this stupid shit.” This is essentially coming off the back of the whole ‘gender-neutral’ parenting movement that has slowly but surely been picking up a lot of steam lately. I will apologies in advance before you continue, this post will contain some curse words in it. I don’t tend to swear too heavily in my blog posts but fuck it, this one deserves it. If you want to see some of the stupid shit I’m referring…

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Fake Penises for Transgender Children Under 5 – We’re Going too Far

I said in a recent breastfeeding post that I was going to try and stay a little more topical on the blog and start covering the odd news story and just give my take on it. So here we are talking about selling fake penises to transgender children. Here’s the headline via the Mirror: Mum of ‘gender non-conforming’ child sells fake ‘extra-small’ penises for transgender kids aged under five Fake Penises for Transgender Children Under 5 – This is Bloody Ridiculous Let’s be honest before I go any further. That headline is a ridiculous one. The idea of someone actually…

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