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LGBT Classes in School: Should Parents Be Allowed to Withdraw Children From LGBT Classes?

There’s been a little bit of backlash recently against MP Andrea Leadsom after she said that parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT classes in school. Of course this is an issue that by far transcends that of the views of a single MP, and really is something that needs to be talked about. So I’m going to do the wankery blogger thing and spout my opinions on whether parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT classes in school. Should Parents Be Allowed to Withdraw Children From LGBT Classes? Without sounding like a massive…

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Should Home Educators Legally Have to Register and Be Checked?

We recently watched Channel 4’s Dispatches show called Skipping School: Britain’s Invisible Children. It’s a show that has been lampooned by the home education community for being rather biased in their portrayal of home educated families. I’m not entirely sure what the intent of the show was, but to me they inadvertently showed the failings of the school system rather than the failings of those who are home educated. There was a lot of bullshit in that show. But, it did raise an interesting question: Should home educators legally have to register and be checked? Should Home Educators Legally Have…

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Child Led Parenting: Our Main Philosophy for How We Parent

Before becoming a parent I think most people have ideas about how they want to do it. They might have a preference over breast or bottle, whether they want to co-sleep or not, and even as far as how they might want to enforce discipline. But throughout our entire journey thus far as parents, one thing has remained a strong constant. We’ve been as child led as possible. So this post is going to be a bit about my philosophy as a parent, and essentially my take on what child led parenting actually is. Child Led Parenting: Our Main Philosophy…

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Thinking About Having a Second Child

We’re fast approaching Isabelle’s first birthday. And since it’s actually Sibling Day, which is another random day that people like to have, I thought it would be a good time to flesh out my thoughts on possibly creating a second child. When’s the Right Time? I’ve talked to a lot of people about babies since becoming a parent. It’s almost inevitable that you do. But everyone seems to have different opinions on when’s the best time to have the second child. Some say it’s better to get all the hard work out of the way early, and have them close…

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What are the Concerns About Home Education?

Don’t get me wrong – and excuse the phrasing – but I love jumping balls deep into stuff. Once I like the idea of something, and I want to do it, I bloody go for it. And for some reason I’ve been infectiously drawn into the idea of home education. The more I think about it the more I love the idea of home educating our daughter – and other future children. But there are still some concerns for me over whether home education is right for us. So if you didn’t guess from the title, this post is going…

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