Isablog #9 – Enjoying the Little Things

As you’re probably already aware yourself, it’s starting to get a little colder and a little darker. I try to find enjoyment in all the seasons we’re graced with in the UK, but what I love most when it starts to get like this is something very simple. Candles. I don’t care about the ones that smell nice, or colourful ones or anything silly like that. I just love the light. Don’t get me wrong, you can light candles in the summer, or even buy a lamp for the winter. But we’re in bed by 9pm pretty much every night as…

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Babywearing: A Dad’s Journey

I’ll be honest, when we first had Isabelle, I didn’t really have much intention to wear my baby carrier. I think we just bought it as it was on our list of things to get, much like all the bottle related things that we’ve since sold. I only went cheap, and just spend £10.99 on eBay, which is incredibly cheap compared to the ones you can get on Mothercare. 

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We’ve Somehow Got a Five Month Old Baby!

Usually I have a nice little YouTube video to go along with my weekly blog. But this week I opted to do one based off one of my other blog posts, so you can watch me talk about helping Rachel to breastfeed by heading here (that link is just my YouTube channel as I haven’t finished the upload yet, so just subscribe and wait for it to be done, or keep reading), or read about it here.

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Being Left Alone with the Baby: a Nervous Dad and his Daughter

This week I was actually left alone with the baby. I’ve been left alone with her before. But since we’ve had her I can probably count the number of times this has happened on one hand. My wife is, after all, on maternity leave. She also breastfeeds without expressing. Not only that, she doesn’t really like to be away from Isabelle. So she doesn’t exactly leave her very often, even if it is with me. Of course, I see no problem with this, I don’t actually mind being with the two of them. Being Left Alone with the Baby There’s still…

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Isablog #5 – Isabelle’s First Roll

Due to the fact that this week has been #PNDAW17 I’ve found myself posting a few bits about that (here and here). But rather than do a video based on week 19, I’ve opted to do the vlog version of my postnatal depression story. So, if you fancy watching something instead of reading, here it is: As for this week, well Isabelle actually rolled over for the first time. She’s teased us a couple of times, but she’s always given up about half way. Usually getting to that stage takes her quite a while. This time, however, it took her almost no time…

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