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Tredegar House Country Park - My Go-to Park to Take My Toddler

Tredegar House Country Park – My Go-to Park to Take My Toddler

Like most parents, I like to take my toddler to the park as often as I can. Not only is it good for her to wander around and use up some energy, but it’s good for me to get out and about too. Out of all the parks we’ve gone to, we keep getting drawn back to Tredegar House Country Park. So much so that I wanted to do a little review of sorts about why we both seemingly love Tredegar Park.

Our daughter Isabelle walking towards Tredegar House at Tredegar House Country Park
Here’s Isabelle walking in front of Tredegar House

Tredegar House Country Park – Why This Park Has Become My Go-to Choice to Take Our Toddler

When my wife goes to work she effectively goes for the entire day. She’s a nurse. So as such she’s out of the house for almost 14 hours. For those of you who have children you might know that 14 hours stuck in the house with a chaotic toddler is draining work. So I like to get out as early as possible and do something for the benefit of both of us. For me, it’s Tredegar Park.

The main problem with this right off the bat is the fact that it’s situated on Tredegar House Roundabout. It’s effectively a roundabout that feeds all the traffic either into Newport or Cardiff from the valleys. As you might be able to guess, rush hour on a roundabout like that is an absolute nightmare. Whilst this isn’t a critique of the park itself, it does mean you have to limit when you can really go – unless you don’t mind sitting in an absurd amount of traffic.

When we go to Tredegar Park we go early. By that I mean I’m leaving the house by 7am. It might be a rather early start to the day, but giving my daughter a long walk around with a walking breakfast stops the day from feeling so monotonous and boring.

The Best Things About Tredegar Park

One of the best things about Tredegar Park is the fact it’s part of the National Trust. As such it’s well kept and doesn’t look like it’s been abandoned and left to be vandalised like so many other parks in the nearby area. I’m not worried about what my daughter might find lying around, and it even has toilets and baby changing facilities should I need them. This does mean that you have to pay to park, but £1 for an hour is hardly disastrous. And to be honest, the money goes to the National Trust anyway, so I’m all for supporting it.

Tredegar Park has loads of room to wander, 90 acres in fact, and within that space you’ll find plenty for an adventurous toddler to occupy themselves with. It usually takes us a good 10-20 minutes just to get from the car park to the park itself. That’s how distracted my daughter gets.

We seemingly take a different path through the park each time we visit. You can wander around the lake and head through the forest, or you can simply head right across the back of Tredegar House and go to the playground, or just aimlessly wander around the park itself.

There’s usually plenty of wildlife knocking around, whether that’s ducks, swans, the occasional squirrel, who are usually quite fun to watch, or even one of the many, many dogs being walked. As a toddler who loves animals, this gives my daughter plenty of time to watch and point out what she sees. If she’s lucky, she’ll even get to play with a few of the dogs.

It’s Not Just About the Park

For me, we go to Tredegar Park not just because of the park itself. But because of what it offers both myself and my daughter. For a start, I enjoy the travel there. It’s roughly 20-30 minutes from our house, so when you add it all up I almost get an hour of being able to listen to a podcast or audiobook. When you have a toddler all day to yourself that travel time is a wonderful bit of down time.

We don’t stay there very long, most of the time we’re there for just an hour. But by the time we get home my daughter has had her breakfast, been stimulated both mentally and physically and I know it won’t be long before she’s ready for her nap. This means that before I know it, it’s already the afternoon and the two of us are refreshed and ready to go at the rest of the day.

Tredegar House Itself

I’ll be honest, we’ve yet to actually pay a visit to Tredegar House itself. That’s mainly because it costs £10.40 per ticket. I don’t really think a 17 month old toddler is going to care about the history behind the mansion. She’s bad enough getting into mischief in our house, besides one with a little more value to it.

We will take her there eventually. I think it’ll be a great place to try and teach her a little bit about history in some way. Since we really do want to home educate our daughter, Tredegar House will be a good place to go for a learning experience. But for now we’re just satisfied enjoying the grounds and all that Tredegar House Country Park has on offer.

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Tredegar House Country Park - My go-to park to take my toddler. If you're looking for a rather nice looking park to go to in the South Wales area, then this isn't a bad one!



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