Our First Time Leaving the Baby as a Couple

Technically this title is slightly misleading. Me and Rachel have of course both been away from Isabelle at the same time. We do both work. So technically leaving the baby is something we’ve already done. But yesterday was the first time we’ve purposefully left Isabelle to do something as a couple. And she hasn’t long turned one years old!

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And we’re off to the cinema! This is actually the first time me and Rachel have been away from Isabelle as a couple. We’ve both been to work at the same time. But we’ve never actually left her to do anything together. • She did have her little meltdown that I’ve seen so many times when I’ve left for work. But this was the first time Rachel has seen her like it. She doesn’t last very long, and it’s actually a good thing that Isabelle has that meltdown before going back to normal. • It’s slightly weird not having Isabelle in the car with us, but we’ll all be ok. • • • • • #cinema #lefthebaby #husbandandwife #couple #mumanddad #wheresthebaby #carride #ukdadbloggers #nobaby

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Leaving the Baby for the First Time as a Couple

As expected, when we left, Isabelle balled her eyes out. I’m quite used to this as she does it every time I leave her with Rachel’s mum and go to work. Rachel on the other hand has never really seen it. Isabelle doesn’t cry when Rachel goes to work as she’s being left with me. I even filmed the moment:

I had to trim the end of that video due to Rachel saying a naughty word. A very naughty word. It’s usually me slipping up on the videos, but it seems Rachel is just as bad.

Of course, it only took a few minutes for Isabelle to calm herself down. Rachel’s mum even sent a video of Isabelle back to normal a few minutes later.

It’s something called secure attachement and it’s actually a good thing. Not that it ever feels like it when you see it happening. And of course, Rachel really didn’t like it. I on the other hand, laughed and found the whole thing quite funny. But again, I am used to seeing this and know that it’s what you want from your baby. Anyway, on to actually going out as a couple for the first time!

What Did We Do?

We didn’t do anything fancy. We simply went to the cinema to watch the latest Avengers film, Infinity War. It wasn’t too bad. But this was the type of film that you really had to watch as soon as you could, otherwise the spoilers would inevitably come and ruin the whole thing. Hence why we actually went.

Being Away from the Baby

For me, it didn’t really feel all that much different. Yes it was a little bit weird being with Rachel and not going to get Isabelle out of the car seat. But at the same time, I’ve been back in work far longer than Rachel, so I’m used to being out and about without Isabelle.

Rachel, on the other hand, has pretty much either been with Isabelle or been in work since she was born. We can count on our hands the number of times she’s left her for non work related reasons. That and the fact that Isabelle cried when we left made all of this a much bigger deal for Rachel than it was for me.

The best part about all this was simply being able to switch off during the entire length of a film! It was slightly bizarre but bloody enjoyable. We’re both so used to not knowing whether we’ll get to watch a film, or how long we might have to pause it when Isabelle wakes, that being able to completely shut off from the outside world was somewhat of a pleasure.

Will We be Doing it Again?

If there’s a good enough reason to leave the baby then sure, we’d do this again. But the only reason we’ve waited this long is because we haven’t really felt the need to do this. I understand that people often want to leave the baby as they feel like they need that break to be able to reset and come back fresh, but we’ve never really had that desire.

We’re not massively outgoing people, so we didn’t leave much of a crazy lifestyle behind when we had Isabelle. For many people having a baby does come with a huge shift in their lifestyle. But not so much for us. Before Isabelle arrived we’d find ourselves in bed at 9pm on a Friday night. Yes, I know, we were party animals! And we still do the same now.

But undoubtedly we will be doing something like this again. We’re not sure when we’ll do the real test of leaving Isabelle overnight. That probably won’t be for a while yet. But a trip to the cinema is certainly something we’d like to do again. It’s good for Isabelle and it’s certainly good for us.

Mind you, we were actually the only ones watching the film. So technically we could’ve bloody brought her anyway. They even had baby changing facilities at the cinema. I’m all up for places having these facilities, but why in a cinema? Or am I missing something on this one?

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