Real Nappy Week: 5 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Nappies

As it’s officially Real Nappy week I thought I’d do the pretty obvious thing and talk about real nappies. OH WOW, REALLY!? Not that I ever use the term “real nappies” – it’s not like disposable ones are imaginary – but instead I go with the term reusable nappies. Either way, does it really matter? No. Did I just waste a few moments of your time talking bollocks before I’ve even really started? Yes. Of course I did, that’s what I do. Anyway, do you want 5 reasons to make the switch to reusable nappies? If not then what the…

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Reusable Nappies: Taking the Plunge With Fill Your Pants – Review

The vast majority of posts written about reusable nappies are done by people who want to use them. As you might expect. This review however, is a little bit different. When my wife first asked me to reach out to people to see if we could try reusable nappies I really didn’t want to. I am happy enough staying with disposable nappies if I’m totally honest with you. So when Fill Your Pants said they’d send us out their starter pack, I was almost a little bit disappointed. Reusable Nappies: Taking the Plunge With Fill Your Pants Despite the Fact…

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5 Ways to Make Nappy Changes Easier That Probably Won’t Work

If there’s one thing I miss about having a newborn baby it’s the nappy changes. Changing a toddler is a bastard nightmare. The kicking, screaming, smacking and overall desire to get off the table by any means necessary makes the whole process a apprehensive nightmare. But perhaps there are things you can try to make it easier. So I have some suggestions for you. A few little tricks up my sleeve. Don’t get me wrong, none of them are going to work, but will at least give you something to do to look like you’re trying. 5 Ways to Help Make…

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