LGBT Classes in School: Should Parents Be Allowed to Withdraw Children From LGBT Classes?

There’s been a little bit of backlash recently against MP Andrea Leadsom after she said that parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT classes in school. Of course this is an issue that by far transcends that of the views of a single MP, and really is something that needs to be talked about. So I’m going to do the wankery blogger thing and spout my opinions on whether parents should be allowed to withdraw their children from LGBT classes in school. Should Parents Be Allowed to Withdraw Children From LGBT Classes? Without sounding like a massive…

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Halloween Spooktacular at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Prior to becoming a parent, Halloween was never something that I massively cared about. For us it was just a case of either hiding away in the house with all the lights off, or going somewhere else to ensure we remained undisturbed by the trick-or-treaters. What it means now is a good excuse to do something fun with our daughter. Whilst we’re not quite at Halloween just yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t Halloween fun to be had in the build up to the day. Something like the Halloween Spooktacular at Bristol Zoo! Halloween Spooktacular at Bristol Zoo Gardens We…

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#MySundayPhoto – We Once Brought a Bump Here, Now a Baby

I almost feel like I’m close to repeating myself this week. Last week saw me talking about what it was like being back in Western and what had changed since the last time we took Isabelle there. This week? Well I’m reflecting on being back in Stratford, only the last time we were here, Isabelle was still in Rachel’s stomach. She was around 8 months pregnant, and I really wanted to tick another thing off my bucket list before Isabelle was born. I also knew that it wouldn’t be long before doing something like this, just me and Rachel, would…

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My Wife Is About to Finish Maternity Leave | Everything Is Going to Change

Neither of us can quite believe that it’s come around this quick, but on Monday morning Rachel will go back to work after nine months of maternity leave. And first up for her, a full week of induction. For me, that means Rachel will be out of the house, Monday to Friday, 8 till 6. As you can imagine, Rachel isn’t too happy about the prospect. I can’t even imagine quite how she feels. The most I’ve been away from work is 6 weeks, that’s nothing compared to her time. Suffice to say, she’s been a little bit like this:…

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Starting Halloween Traditions with a Halloween Themed Bake Off

So, as you may be aware, Halloween is right around the corner, and for us, we’ve chosen to ‘celebrate’ it the Sunday before.

For me and Rachel, starting family traditions is going to be very important to us. We love the idea of doing something as a family for all the occasions that you come across during the year. We’ll have some sort of egg hunt for Easter, a Christmas Eve box for Christmas, a fancy dinner for Thanksgiving (I know we’re not American so don’t say it) and heck, I even fancy doing something for all the random ones like St. Patrick’s day, St. David’s day, Independence Day and anything else that comes along.

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