Dad Diaries #3 – Letting the Blog Take Over the Family

The other day I talked about the fact that I could sense myself slipping a little bit with my depression. But in that post I didn’t really talk about why. I even said that “it could be any number of reasons, but this post isn’t really about the why.” This post on the other hand, is going to delve into that slightly. Apologies in advance, this might be a long one. Getting Too Absorbed in the World of Blogging Over the last few months I’ve become growingly more absorbed and obsessed with the blog and everything that surrounds it. I’ve managed…

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Dad Diaries #2 – A Week Away at Burnham-on-Sea

This week we’ve been on a little family getaway to the Somerset sea town of Burnham-on-Sea at the Haven resort. If you follow me in all the usual places then you probably already knew that. But I wasn’t really that active this past week. I think every now and then it’s nice to scale back on social media and take a little bit of a break. And getting away gives you a great chance to do that. Almost Having an Absolute Nightmare I’ve made the odd parenting mistake in my time since having Isabelle – Rachel makes the point that…

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Dad Diaries #1 – Getting Back Into Writing a Weekly Blog

For those of you who have followed this blog for quite a while, you might remember I used to write a weekly blog. I very creatively called it ‘Isablog’. I stopped as I didn’t feel I always had enough time to write a decent post every single week. Well now it’s back. Although instead of it being called ‘Isablog’ I’m going with ‘Dad Diaries’. Unbearably sexy title, I know! What Is ‘Dad Diaries’ Going to be About? Well I’m glad you’re so interested. Basically this is just going to be a more casual, reflective blog that I’ll be writing summing…

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The Importance of Breastfeeding Awareness Weeks

Breastfeeding is something that the majority of mothers have a go at when they have a newborn. According to Unicef around 81% of mothers start out breastfeeding, with that figure dropping to 24% by the time the baby hits just 6 weeks old. Why the sudden drop? Well as you would expect, there’s no single reason for it. From a Guardian article that tried to raise a little bit of breastfeeding awareness surrounding why women might stop, it said the follow: Surveying around 300 women who had stopped breastfeeding in the first six months, Brown found that around 80% cited pain…

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8 Ways Breastfeeding Made Our Lives So Much Easier

Before I start this I have to say one thing: I don’t breastfeed. I never have and I never will. Although that’s only because I’m the dad in this breastfeeding journey. As such, well, I don’t really have to explain biology on this blog now do I? But my wife does breastfeed. It might have been incredibly hard to establish at first, and people often ask “when does breastfeeding get easier?” but in the long term breastfeeding did make our lives so much easier, despite the early day difficulties. Since people love lists, well I hope they love lists, I thought…

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