Dad Diaries #7 – Failing to Finish the Wye Valley Challenge

For those with a far too keen of an eye, you might have noticed that there was no Dad Diaries last week. For that, I’ll apologise. Although I sense that apology is needed for no one. But I do have a good reason for skipping a week. Last week I set off in an attempt to walk 100km from Chepstow to Hereford for the Wye Valley Challenge. I managed 74km. In other words, I failed. Some would say that managing that amount is still a great accomplishment and I should be proud. I on the other hand, would simply say…

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Breastfeeding in Public: Learning to Feed with Confidence

As I started my breastfeeding journey I was worried about two things: not physically being able to do it, and breastfeeding in public. Fortunately the first worry didn’t turn it to much. I had moments where it was a real struggle – like every mum probably does – but I never questioned whether I could physically do it once I started. Breastfeeding in public, on the other hand, was still something that worried me. Breastfeeding in Public: the Early Days The early days are pretty rough; it’s a bit like living in a fog. Boob, sleep, nappy, repeat. In the…

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Dad Diaries #6 – Leaving Our Toddler to Attend a Wedding

Parenting can be a rough ride. It’s the hardest, most demanding job that you’ll ever willingly accept. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from that job and do something as a couple like you used to be able to do back in the day. You know, be able to look at each other for longer than five minutes without the panic of “oh shit where is she?” or “please don’t wake up.” But when the time came where we found ourselves away together from our daughter for only the second time, we almost instantly missed her. Having a Demanding, Chaotic,…

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Becoming a Parent Has Given My Life Meaning

This week I’ve been reflecting over my past 15 months as a parent. I think it’s because I’m currently writing an article for Today’s Parent, something I usually have to put quite a bit of time into. This article has had me thinking back to the early days quite a lot. One thing that becomes immediately apparent when you look back is how quickly that time goes, and also where it’s going to go. You’re Only a Parent for So Long Technically I’m now officially a parent for the rest of my life – or the rest of Isabelle’s life,…

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Dad Diaries #4 – Trending Towards Somewhere Positive

If you read last weeks Dad Diaries then you might know I wasn’t feeling the best. I was basically on and off with my depression and put some of it down to letting the blog take over my life a little. Well this week I’ve been a bit better. I haven’t been absorbing myself quite as much in the blog and I’m more than happy to just see it as a part time hobby for the time being. As of this writing, I feel like I’m at least trending towards somewhere positive. I’m still a little bit up and down…

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