Isablog #5 – Isabelle’s First Roll

Due to the fact that this week has been #PNDAW17 I’ve found myself posting a few bits about that (here and here). But rather than do a video based on week 19, I’ve opted to do the vlog version of my postnatal depression story. So, if you fancy watching something instead of reading, here it is: As for this week, well Isabelle actually rolled over for the first time. She’s teased us a couple of times, but she’s always given up about half way. Usually getting to that stage takes her quite a while. This time, however, it took her almost no time…

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Ways to Help a Partner Suffering With Postnatal Depression

Having postnatal depression is crap. But, like many illnesses it’s not just the person who has it who suffers. It’s also the people that live with them that have to go through it as well.

That’s what happened to me. I didn’t suffer from postnatal depression, my husband did. I’m currently hijacking his blog to talk to you about what helped us through his postnatal depression. Luckily for me, or maybe not, I’ve grown used to his depression. He’s had depression pretty much most of our relationship, so I’ve been here before, but I wasn’t prepared. At all. Knowing him, and knowing that this was everything he wanted, since very early on in our relationship, it was an incredibly hard thing to watch and cope with. Still to this day, I’m not quite sure how I didn’t have a breakdown myself. Anyway, here’s my five things to help with someone going through postnatal depression.

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Taking a Four Month Old Baby on Holiday In the UK

The past week we’ve taken Isabelle, our four month old baby on holiday around the UK. We basically spent a single night in each place, a total of 6 locations, before returning home. What We Learned from taking a Four Month Old Baby on Holiday I don’t want to talk massively about the trip, as I’ve summed it up on the UK Road Trip post. On there I’ve also talked about each individual day. So if you really want an in-depth look what what we did, then I of course recommend that one. As for the road trip in general, we…

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UK Road Trip Day Five: Amsterdam

And just like that we’re back on the ship. It was a bit of a rushed way to experience a city, and when your main outlook is to aimlessly wander around, you really are leaving it to chance as to whether it was all worth it. But that’s how we do things.

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DFDS Seaways: Taking a Ferry From Newcastle to Amsterdam with a Baby

It’s been a day of firsts for Isabelle. For a start, we’re currently somewhere between North Shields and Amsterdam on a big boat in a very small room. They’ve even managed to provide you with the ability to sit on the toilet whilst showering. Not quite what I’m after when looking for somewhere to stay, but hey, we all have our preferences.

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