Is Complimenting Someone on Their Appearance Really a Good Thing?

Common sense would probably tell you that complimenting someone on their appearance is usually a good thing to do, right? Maybe less so when it comes to a perfect stranger. You hardly want to go up to someone on the street and creepily whisper into their ear “you look delicious today.” But when it comes to loved ones, surely it’s a good thing to give compliments on their appearance? How can saying something positive about how a person looks possibly be a bad thing? Well it is. And you might just RUIN THEIR LIFE! Being slightly hyperbolic with that one.…

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How Not Dressing a Girl in Pink Promotes Gender Stereotypes

I sometimes dress our baby girl in pink. According to some people, by dressing her in this colour I’m reinforcing outdated gender stereotypes. Some minister via the Independent even went as far to say “dressing your daughter in pink and buying her ‘girly’ toys damages the future of our economy.” So I’m here to talk some sense into people and say that dressing your girl in pink doesn’t promote gender stereotypes, but avoiding it altogether might! Before I carry on with this post, I will admit that I am being slightly facetious with what I’m about to say. I have my…

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