Taking a Break From Instagram – Even if It Was Only for 3 Days

I’ll be honest from the top; this is a slightly wankery post to be writing. The idea that taking 3 days off from Instagram is something worthy of a blog post is almost laughable. Yet here we are. But I guess I just wanted to write a little bit about the fact I found myself in a position where I needed that break. I’m honestly not sure what you’ll take away from this post, but let’s see. Taking a Break From Instagram I love Instagram. I love the fact that I’ve made actual friends on there and that I have…

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Should Child Birth Photos Be Banned From Social Media?

I was reading a post the other day about Instagram banning birthing photos and I wondered how I felt on the matter. So I’ve done what I always do when I want to express my thoughts: turned to writing. I will warn you before you continue that this post does contain explicit birth photos. I’ve chosen explicit photos to better illustrate what is on Instagram and for the shock value. Just letting you know on the off chance you’re the complaining type. So lets talk about birth photos on social media shall we? Should Child Birth Photos Be Banned From Social…

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