Unfortunately I’m Not Always a Great Husband

Yesterday morning I got a little bit irritated with my wife, Rachel. She had the utter cheek to ask me to get up early with our daughter when I was already awake, so she could have an extra hour of sleep in bed! Which of course, is actually a pretty reasonable thing to request. But unfortunately I’m not always a great husband, and sometimes I’m a bit of a dick. Unfortunately I’m Not Always a Great Husband I mentioned the other day that Isabelle had started having more tantrums. Well that’s due, at least in part, to the fact she’s…

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Arguing In Front of Children – Is it Really a Bad Thing?

In an article posted on the BBC, they talked about the negative affects that might arise as a result of arguing in front of children. On the surface, arguing in front of children sounds like a bad idea. And there’s a chance that it is. But like most things in life there is more to this topic than first meets the eye. So I’m going to ask one very simple question: is it really a bad thing? What Damage Does Arguing in front of children actually do? There’s no doubt that persistent, destructive arguing can be damaging to not only…

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How We Survived Financially During Maternity Leave

Surviving the big financial drop whilst going on maternity leave is a legitimate money worry for many parents. When we started trying for a baby my wife got pregnant very quickly. It took us a mere six weeks. And as a result, we lost a bit of money. My wife is a nurse with the NHS. When we put the dates together after she got pregnant, it meant that she missed out on the NHS maternity pay by five weeks. FIVE WEEKS! If we had our daughter a little bit later we would’ve been roughly £3000 better off. So we had…

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To The Mother of Our Daughter on Mother’s Day

Since it’s Mother’s Day, and this is in fact our first Mother’s Day as this little family, I thought I’d write a post about the most important mother in my life, and that’s my wife. The Mother of Our Daughter No matter what happens from here on out, Rachel and I will always be connected. I can’t say that we’ll be together forever. I know that people change and things happen. As of this writing, I would love for it to happen. But I all I can guarantee is that Isabelle will always be the glue that keeps us stuck…

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