Entry to the Mind Media Awards

I didn’t know how best to go about filling in my entry form for the Mind Media Awards as I feel like I’ve done lots of little things that perhaps add up to something bigger. So I thought I could link everything on a page on the website.

To start off with, here is the appearance my wife and I made on This Morning:

Other media appearances include Radio Five Live and LBC Radio. Unfortunately I can’t show these as they are not actually held online and I dare say the Five Live appearance is no longer on the iPlayer.

Here is the article I wrote for Green Parent Magazine. Since I couldn’t find the actual magazine, here is the video of me talking about it on the blogs Facebook page, I hope that’s ok:

Then we were featured in the monthly edition of Take a Break:

And I’ve also written about depression for the Royal Mail Courier which Isabelle is delightfully showing:

In terms of online media outlets, here are all the places that I can think of that have covered my mental health problems as a new father:

Even one’s from news websites from other countries around the world

Then there are several other websites who I have personally written content for in regards to mental health in fathers:

The website itself has had over 17,000 views since I moved it over to WordPress in December 2017 from 101 different countries. Here are just the top few. Of course most of the views have come form the UK and the US, but people have still come in from all over the world, likely because of the news websites that covered my story.

Here’s the map version:

I’m only showing these to try and give examples of the reach that I’ve had. I can’t say how many people have seen what I’ve talked about as I don’t have the stats to the Independent or to Today’s Parent or anyone else who posted about all of this. I can only say about those who take the time to read those articles and head over to the blog.

I’m not sure how much of a difference I’ve really made. I like to think I’ve helped a few people.