5 Reasons to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

5 Reasons to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us love a nice smelling home. Especially if you also happen to work from home. More often than not, it’s not enough to just clean your home and open a window, sometimes we want a long-lasting scent to fill the house with something we love. That’s why many people turn to scented candles or wax melts.

But, what’s better? Burning a typical candle, or going with a wax melt? Well, I’m here to give you 5 reasons why you should pick wax melts over candles.

5 Reasons to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

Snow Fairy wax melt waffle from Teddy Eva Scents
Snow Fairy waffle from Teddy Eva Scents

1 – Wax Melts are usually cheaper than candles

Due to the fact that candles require more materials to be made than wax melts, it typically then means they’re more expensive. Generally speaking, candles require wax – don’t say it! I know melts do too! – as well as the other things that melts need in fragrance oil and possibly some sort of colour. But candles also require a container and a wick. Both of which can add a substantial amount to the cost.

A glass container for a candle is inevitably going to be more costly than a wax melt that’s been popped out of a mould or stored in a clamshell.

2 – You can usually lessen your environmental impact with wax melts

This comes directly from the first reason why you should consider wax melts instead of candles: if you lessen the amount of material used, you also lessen your environmental impact.

Look, it’s 2020, we’re all trying our best to avoid impacting the Earth as much as possible. Are wax melts perfectly eco-friendly? Of course not. Nothing is. Everything requires materials, transport and is in some way adding to a person’s carbon footprint. But, if sourced correctly, wax melts can have a lower impact on the environment than candles.

Of course, sometimes wax melts arrive in clamshells which are often non-recyclable. Which is why it’s always better purchasing wax melts that either use very little to zero packaging, compostable bags, or recyclable wax melt clamshells.

Compostable bags for the teddy shaped wax melts from Teddy Eva Scents

3 – Wax melts generally have a better scent throw than candles do

I’ll make my position on this clear from the start: I think candles SUCK for giving a good scent throw. I genuinely don’t see the point in using candles for fragrance as I don’t feel like they really give much off. Generally, they have a much smaller melt pool, and when they do have a larger pool the candle melts stupidly and leaves a load of wax up the side that you have to trim.

Maybe I’ve just been buying poor candles, and in fairness, we did have a Jo Malone one once (I know, proper posh bastards) and that one was great! But I ain’t paying those prices when I could just buy – or make – a melt instead!

Recyclable wax melt clamshells from Teddy Eva Scents: Salted Caramel, Black Cherry. Lemon Scented Myrtle, Alien, Blueberry and Vanilla and others

4 – Wax melts can be safer to use around children

The beauty of melts in comparison to candles is the simple fact that they can be used without any fire. Of course, many people do go with a traditional flame-based burner, but the option of using an electric one is also there. In essence, you have a choice of wax melt burners when using a wax melt in comparison to a candle.

The use of an electric burner can limit the chance of a fire occurring on the off chance a child knocks over a burner. Of course, wax melts should probably be burned out of the reach of children, but we all know accidents can still happen. So having an electric burner is a safer option than an exposed flame of a candle.

Snakeskin styled wax melt burner from Teddy Eva Scents
A tea light burner for wax melts – probably should’ve used an electric burner to empathise the “you don’t need a fire” point I was making, but there we go!

5 – Candles have much more waste than wax melts

Ever bought a massive candle and been super excited to light it? Then you find after a few lights it’s either mushroomed or there’s loads of unused wax up the sides of the candle as the burn pool tunnels down the wax? Yes, there are tips and tricks you can do in order to prevent some of these things, but the fact will remain that candles have more wasted wax than melts ever will.

Not only that, but there’s also the waste in terms of the materials used. Which I understand I’ve probably already covered so I’ll leave it at that.

You have to ask yourself what you want before picking a wax melt or a candle

Before you decide whether you want to go with a wax melt or a candle you have to ask yourself what you want from the product. For me, candles only really serve one real purpose: LIGHT!

When it comes to the winter I love having candles lit instead of having the main lights on. This is why we usually go with long stick candles or simple tea-lights in wax melt burners. I have never really found candles all that good for adding a strong scent to the home. Yes, they usually have a good cold throw, but the hot throw is nothing compared to a quality wax melt.

So why not chill out on the sofa, pick a TV show from a list of the best TV series, and light a wax melt and relax! Luckily, I know just where you can buy quality wax melts!

Teddy Eva Scents

Speaking of quality wax melts, this is the part of the post where I very subtly drop in the fact that my wife and I run a WAX MELT BUSINESS! Sorry, not very subtle was it?

Anyway… So if you do want to give some wax melts a go – which my mum said smelt nice – then feel free to head over to Teddy Eva Scents and take a look. Or you can check us out on Instagram and see what we’re up to. Probably something totally unmissable. Maybe.

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When it comes to having a nice smelling home, which one is better? Wax melts or candles? Well here's five reasons why I would always pick wax melts!



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