The Happy Bag with Funky Pigeon for Mental Health

When it comes to health and wellbeing, we are almost always willing to show support to someone after suffering a physical setback. If someone was to undergo surgery, there’s a strong chance you might be willing to visit them in hospital, or at the very least perhaps send them a ‘get well soon’ card. But what do we do when someone goes through a mental illness? Do we do anything then? I don’t think we really do. And that’s why I think something like the Happy Bag by Funky Pigeon is so important. So What is the Happy Bag? The…

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Dad’s First Night Alone With a Breastfed Baby – How Did it Go?

Well that’s it. Last night was my first night as a dad alone with our breastfed baby. The only reason I make a point of her being breastfed is because I’m obviously lacking something when it comes to breastfeeding. And that’s breasts. That’s obviously a pretty big deal when you consider that she still wake multiple times in the night to feed. It was something that I was seriously apprehensive about, but in the end it wasn’t actually too bad. Here she is sound asleep in her next-to-me cot. Dad’s First Night Alone With a Breastfed Baby I knew the…

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My Wife Has Her First Night Shift Coming Up – I’m Shitting Myself!

We knew this day would eventually come, but Rachel has her first night shift marked on the calendar. And to put it simply… I’m Absolutely Shitting Myself Yep. I’m shitting myself. At least metaphorically of course. I haven’t actually shit myself since I was roughly Isabelle’s age. Ok, now that’s probably a lie, and slightly off topic. But to put it bluntly, I don’t do parenting when it comes to the night time. And it’s not really my fault. Night Time with a Breastfeeding Wife lying isn’t my style on this blog. You know that by now. So I’ll admit…

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We’ve Gone from the Baby Stage to the Toddler Stage

All of a sudden Isabelle has gone from a baby who is unable to walk, to a toddler who wants to do nothing but walk! We always knew that once she took her first independent steps, that would be it, she would want to do it all the time. And here she is, toddling about holding a potato that she stole from the cupboard. That sounds about right. When Does a Baby Become a Toddler? Well it only makes sense to me that a baby turns into a toddler when they start to toddle. It seems pretty straight forward when…

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Wearing My Wife’s Wedding Dress for the Royal Wedding

Well here’s a slightly weird #MySundayPhoto. In celebration of the Royal Wedding, Rachel thought it would be a nice idea to dress a certain someone up like a little princess. Obviously I thought she meant me. She didn’t. She of course meant Isabelle. But I really didn’t want to be left out! Why Wear a Bloody Wedding Dress for the Royal Wedding? Excellent question. For a start, why not? Why can’t a man be a princess? In this day and age where people are a little bit looser with gender stereotypes and gender norms, why shouldn’t a man be able…

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