Baby Standing: Ways to Encourage Your Baby to Stand

Having your baby standing is one of the big baby milestones that most parents are excited to reach. After this it won’t be long before they’re walking and that’s where the real fun begins! So I’m here to give you X ways to help encourage your baby to stand! Ways to Help Encourage Your Baby to Stand 1. The Zone of Safety I’m putting this up first as it’s by far my favourite. It’s one I’ve used a lot when I’m with our baby all day, and it’s one that I feel gives you a little bit of time to get…

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Our Week With a Sick Baby

Well for the first time in Isabelle’s nine months of being alive, she’s been ill.

Ok, she’d had the odd cold before, but this time she was actually ill. Well, not massively ill. But Tuesday night, after a few hours of us not thinking she was ‘quite right’ she opted to throw up all over me. Don’t worry, in true modern day it’s-all-about-equality fashion, she also threw up on Rachel. No one can ever say she isn’t about gender equality.

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How Becoming a Parent Has Changed My Feelings Towards the NFL

As very few of you might know, this weekend marks the 52nd Superbowl for the NFL. And, as this will be the first time that I’ll be watching it as a dad, I thought I’d do a quick post about how my relationship with the NFL has changed since Isabelle was born. A few years ago I was verging on being addicted to the NFL. Sunday nights from 6pm meant Redzone (their service for skipping between all the games going on) until well gone midnight and that was it. No excuses. Whatever Rachel wanted to do on Sundays it had…

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