How Attachment Parenting Can Help With Postnatal Depression

I’m suggesting another thing that may not work for everyone. But it’s something that personally worked somewhat for me when I suffered with postnatal depression. I’m going to talk about how attachment parenting can help with postnatal depression. What is Attachment Parenting? Attachment parenting is basically a form of parenting where you connect yourself with your baby as much as possible. Generally it consists of breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, holding and carrying the baby as much as possible and attending to their cries quickly without letting them ‘cry it out’. It’s essentially a more ‘natural’ approach to parenting, and one that…

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Lynton – Exmoor National Park Travel Blog

When it comes to going away as a family, we kind of like to do things a little bit randomly. Did we have any particular reason for choosing the small town of Lynton on the coast of the Exmoor National Park? Not really. But the Lynton Cottage Apartment stood out to us, and if where you’re staying is great, then you’re off to a good start. The Hotel On the first day of arrival, we didn’t really do all that much. In fairness, it took me bloody long enough lugging three cases, around four bags and a high chair up…

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#MySundayPhoto – Reflecting on Being Back in Western

I love this photo for quite a few reasons. But most of those reasons have nothing to do with the actual photo itself. Sure, I think it’s a great picture. The background looks awesome, and the two people at the front are the two most important people in my life. But there’s more to it than that. It was taken in Western, whilst we were on our way home from Exmoor. This wasn’t our first time in Western with Isabelle. No, it was actually the first place we ever stayed overnight with Isabelle that wasn’t our own home. She was…

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#MySundayPhoto: Ironically Dressed Baby

This is my first time doing this #MySundayPhoto thing and I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing it other than it’s a good excuse to take photos and talk about them. So why this photo? Good question. It’s hardly one that shows Isabelle off as a happy, easy to laugh baby which she often is. But I guess I like it because it’s slightly ironic. She’s wearing a top that says “YAY!” with a very un-yay face. Today Rachel is in work, and I’m making sure I do everything that I can to not slip into the same depressive state…

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Isablog #27 – Feelings of Baby Regret & Getting Sick From the Baby

If you read this blog regularly, which if you do then a big thank you, I can’t believe you keep coming back, then you’ll know that last week Isabelle wasn’t very well. Unfortunately, that little bit of sickness managed to transfer all the way into me. Yay! And the best part about all of it? It all started during the Superbowl! I know I did a post last week where I talked about not being as bothered by the NFL as I used to be, and I’d be fine with missing some of it if Isabelle needed me, but I…

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