Our Month in Photos: February

I started this whole ‘Our Month in Photos’ thing in January, and since I quite enjoyed doing it, I thought I’d do it again. So, without me talking too much bollocks, which is almost a hallmark of this blog, I’ll get right into it. “He’s dressed me like a dick again, hasn’t he?” If you follow this blog regularly, or even follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I like to dress Isabelle a little bit, shall we say, stupidly. Not that I’d say she looks stupid. I actually think I have a fine eye for baby fashion, and fashion in…

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Thinking About My Next Charity Challenge for 2018

Enough time has now passed since I did my skydive. And I’m now ready to look for another charity challenge to push myself and raise money at the same time. The skydive was actually quite easy. It doesn’t take anything to do it other than a little bit of mental strength not to back out. When I did it, it was my third time down in Salisbury to do it due to the other attempts being postponed for weather. So by the time I was there for the third time, the idea of coming all the way back down once…

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#MySundayPhoto – We Once Brought a Bump Here, Now a Baby

I almost feel like I’m close to repeating myself this week. Last week saw me talking about what it was like being back in Western and what had changed since the last time we took Isabelle there. This week? Well I’m reflecting on being back in Stratford, only the last time we were here, Isabelle was still in Rachel’s stomach. She was around 8 months pregnant, and I really wanted to tick another thing off my bucket list before Isabelle was born. I also knew that it wouldn’t be long before doing something like this, just me and Rachel, would…

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for a Mums First Mother’s Day

Virtually everyone who has a parenting blog does a Mothers Day gift guide. So I will apologies for lumping myself in with the herd by giving you yet another one. I am going to make this slightly more relevant to me, and do one based on a mother’s first Mother’s Day, not that that’s anything new, but welcome to the world of blogging! So here’s what I think would make half decent ideas of what to get a new mother.

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It’s About Time People Stopped Incorrectly Parking in Baby Spaces

I don’t usually write posts where I complain all that much. But this is going to be one of those posts, even if it is something that has probably been covered by others many times before. Yesterday me and Rachel popped to a local Asda, and, with it being a Friday, it was rather busy. We drove around the car park and eventually saw someone leaving a parent and baby space. We drove around and the car in front, with no baby, pulled in instead. Now, me and Rachel are both pretty socially awkward, me more so than her, and…

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