Review: Messy Me Highchair Insert

I said in a previous review that the material used by Messy Me would be much more suited to something like a splash-mat, bib or highchair cover than a changing bag. Well, since we’re currently giving three meals a day with Isabelle, and therefore need something much easier to clean, I’m back here, reviewing their highchair inserts for the IKEA Antilop.


As you can imagine, with the oilcloth material that Messy Me uses, it is very easy to clean. And cleaning up is something you will quickly get used to when you get into the full throngs of weaning. I used to like Weetabix back in the day. Not any more.

The best part about this insert, however, is the fact that it actually fits the Antilop better than the insert it comes with. This one sits just under the edges of the tray, meaning that it’s a little bit harder for your baby to get food on it in the first place. Don’t panic, they’ll still find ways to smother it in mash potato and gravy, but at least when they do, it will be much easier to clean. Then you can focus all your attention on the fact that there’s somehow one mushy pea on the back of their head.

On a side note, if you want to give your baby a nice little pedicure, then this high chair, seat cover combo offers you the perfect chance:

Perfect if you want to give your baby a pedicure!

I’ll be honest, the above photo has very little to do with the actual product I’m reviewing, I just really like the fact that Isabelle is having her feed done whilst being fed. Talk about the life of luxury.


My only criticism of this product isn’t actually a criticism of the item itself, but of the item it’s designed to fit: the Antilop. With the insert in place, it doesn’t exactly come with a lot of room. Isabelle is a rather small baby, factor in the fact that you should start weaning around 6 months, or at least when your baby can actually hold their head up, unlike what I’ve seen a lot of others do, then you have a possible short time span that you can use this.

But I’m relatively new to this whole baby thing, and for all I know, Isabelle isn’t actually going to grow a massive amount any time soon and we can use this highchair until she’s well over a year old. And in fairness, the way she’s going, she’s going to be sat at the table before long.


When you combine the price of the Antilop and the Messy Me insert, you’re effectively looking at £39 for a very efficient, easy to clean highchair. When you put it like that, it’s extremely good value!

Overall, I’d give this product 4.5/5.

If you’d like to purchase one of these inserts, the feel free to do so on the Messy Me website. And if you’d like to read other reviews, then you can do that here.

*Disclaimer* – I was sent this item in exchange for this review. But the opinions are entirely my own.

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