Is Co-Sleeping Safe? – We Do It and We Love It

An article, posted on the Daily Mail, has stated that “three babies are accidentally dying every WEEK while sleeping in their parents’ bed with 141 fatalities in the past year alone.” With a damning, misleading headline like that, I thought I’d look at the question “is co-sleeping safe?” Is Co-Sleeping Safe? It’s very important to note how things are worded in this article when it comes to asking “Is co-sleeping safe?”. Take the following as an example: ‘The chance of sudden death goes up when bed-sharing if a parent smokes, has drunk alcohol or taken drugs or is very tired.” IF.…

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Our Month in Photos: January

I’ll write a little bit about why I chose each photo, maybe a little bit about the photo and what it might mean to me. I think part of the reason I’m doing this is the fact that we’ve recently bought a new camera, and as such I’m putting a lot more effort into taking pictures, so why not talk about them. Well, here we go:

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Starting the Transition to Becoming Working Parents

So last week saw Rachel end her maternity leave and go back to work. She started on an induction week where she was basically working 7-3, Monday to Friday and yours truly was a Stay-at-Home dad for the week. I might have mentioned it.

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The Children’s Meditation In My Heart – Review of the Meditation Book for Children

Modern society is a stressful endeavour. It really shouldn’t be, what with all the technological advances we’ve had over the recent years you’d think life would be much easier. But somehow, we’re all a lot more stressed than we ever used to be. Personally, and I’m not backing this up with any research, I like to think that technology plays a rather large part.

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Stay-at-Home Dad: My First Week as a SAHD

I’ve title this “My Week as a Stay-at-Home Dad” but what it really should be called is “My Single Week of Doing All the Stuff That My Wife Has Done for the Past 8 Months But With Added Moaning” but I felt that would be a slightly long winded title.

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