Isablog #19 – The Last One Before Christmas

Well, this time next week, as you’re probably very well aware, it will be Christmas Eve. And as such, I won’t be blogging. I try not to allow this blog to impact on my family time as much as I can; of course, it can’t fully be avoided. If I want to run this blog, which I very much do, I have to find time to write. But doing it on Christmas Eve is where I draw the line.

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Is Offering Cash to Promote Breastfeeding Really the Answer?

According to a study by the University of Sheffield, mothers should be offered a cash incentive to encourage breastfeeding.

The scheme, which was launched in 2014, offered £120 in vouchers to new mothers who breastfed for six weeks, rising to £200 for those who continued for six months. More than 10,000 mothers across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire participated in the trial which saw an increase of 6% in areas where the scheme was offered, compared to areas where the scheme was not.

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for 6 to 12 Month Olds

I’m leaving this late. Well, very late. But here are 6 things that I feel would make somewhat decent presents for babies aged somewhere between 6-12 months; basically Isabelle’s age range. I’ve provided Amazon links to most of the products, but you don’t have to feel obliged to buy anything via these, it’s merely for me to show you the gift.

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Isablog #18 – Snow, Snow and More Snow

On the off chance you don’t live in the UK, or own a window for that matter, which would be rather strange, then you might have missed the fact that it’s snowed quite a lot this weekend. Well, by a lot, I of course mean by UK standards. If this was Northern Norway it would look like a standard spring morning.

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Isablog #17 – Monthly Challenge

Before I start, I will say that I’m not totally feeling this weeks blog. I know that’s not the first time I’ve said this, but sometimes I feel like I have too much I want to write out, and don’t really want to ramble. So instead you get a shortened, slightly rushed version of what I’m actually trying to say. I have thought about doing a podcast, that way I can sit down and actually articulate what I want to convey in a lengthened, drawn out way. I understand that this might not interest many, but for those who are interested, then you will be able to take a lot more from it. Anyway, on to this week, which I will start with a picture of Isabelle with a slight mark on her head after taking a bump. We’re not perfect parents, nor do we ever pretend to be:

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