Isablog #12 – Starting Halloween Traditions

So, as you may be aware, Halloween is right around the corner, and for us, we’ve chosen to ‘celebrate’ it the Sunday before.

For me and Rachel, starting family traditions is going to be very important to us. We love the idea of doing something as a family for all the occasions that you come across during the year. We’ll have some sort of egg hunt for Easter, a Christmas Eve box for Christmas, a fancy dinner for Thanksgiving (I know we’re not American so don’t say it) and heck, I even fancy doing something for all the random ones like St. Patrick’s day, St. David’s day, Independence Day and anything else that comes along.

As for Halloween, since Isabelle isn’t exactly old enough to get involved, I decided to have a little bake off. Here are mine and Rachel’s:

Our Cakes

Not gonna lie, we’re both very happy with how they turned out.

Since there were other people at this party, I thought it would only be fair to share what they made too:


All together, you have two spiders, a pumpkin, a pumpkin patch, some cupcakes, cornflake cakes, jam tarts and ghosts. I’m hoping we all up our game next year and embrace the baking.

I basically went with a bake off because it gives everyone something to do that takes them out of their comfort zone and gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves, which is something that I personally believe to be very important. There isn’t really anyone in my immediate family who would consider themselves as much of a baker, so this is something that we can all learn from.

My hope is that this actually turns into something that people look forward to doing. I know Rachel really absorbed herself in this and I love the fact that she (and in fairness a few others) surpassed herself and made a pretty cool looking pumpkin.

Ultimately, this is about more than just making a cake. For me, it’s about two things: doing something creative and challenging, and having some actual family time with a little bit of effort in doing something fun.

I can’t wait for Isabelle to grow up and every year be faced with having to come up with a new idea for a cake, and all the while spending time with the family as she does so. It might be a slightly naff tradition, but it’s one that we hope we can continue. And every year, we hope to add a little bit extra to it.

Maybe next year we can actually incorporate some sort of fancy dress. Although in fairness, Isabelle and Elsie gave it a good go, and I was wearing orange, so that counts for something:


Well, I guess that’s Halloween done. Even if it isn’t actually Halloween yet.

Oh yeah, we were also on This Morning this week and I was on Five Live (it’s the last 25 minutes or so). I guess not every week you do those things.. I do talk more about that in my weekly vlog which you can watch here:

I’ll admit to that vlog being way too long. If you managed to watch all 25 minutes then credit to you. It’s also the vlog that made me realise that I really have to edit my videos, which I will do.

Until next week!


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