Review: Hanababy Carrier

I’ll admit, that when we were getting everything ready for when Isabelle arrived, we didn’t put much thought into a baby carrier. Admittedly, we went cheap. £10.99 cheap to be precise. And in fairness, I didn’t actually mind the carrier that we had. If you want to read more about me and my experiences with the carrier, then feel free to read this.

I will start this by saying that Isabelle was, and still is, quite a light baby. So the carrier we originally had wasn’t too bad. But it never felt all that supportive, and after 30 minutes or so of using it I would start to ache quite a lot. This led us to start looking for something better. Which was when we stumbled upon Hanababy.

Here I am, looking a little bit daft, using the the carrier:


That’s the sexy photo done, on with the review (most of that was sarcasm):

When we first opened up the carrier, we were a little confused as to how exactly to put it all together. These carriers can be like that, either that or I’m just incredibly slow (probably the latter). But with all the straps and support in place, it is hard to work out what goes where. It doesn’t help that I’m so used to our old carrier that I immediately missed the fact that I knew how it all worked.

But, once I got over the fact that I’m a tad bit silly, and after a few goes of following the instructions, something I don’t tend to actually read, we got Isabelle in. A few adjustments later, Isabelle was loving it. And more importantly, it felt very secure, very supportive, and a whole lot better than our older one.

Carrying Isabelle around in this is so much easier than it was before. I didn’t even realise how much of a pain the older one was until we used this. Gone are the days where I’d have to try and keep a hand on the carrier to offer that extra support, and gone are my aches and pains from having Isabelle hang from my body pulling my shoulders down with her. This is so much better!

I do have just one criticism of this carrier, but it is one based on my own preferences. I like to have Isabelle front facing so that she can see everything that I can see. Unfortunately, this carrier doesn’t exactly support that option. You can kind of do it, but it doesn’t offer the same level of support, and the straps would then cut in as it’s obviously not designed to be used that way. But that’s just me. And it’s not like we had this without knowing it didn’t support front facing carrying. Isabelle can still look around, and having her face me is probably better since we can easier interact.

Also, whilst I’m talking about the bad points, the front pocket really doesn’t offer a lot. If you’re looking for something that will hold your phone, wallet or car keys, then it’s a tight fit for any of these. You can try to squeeze something in there, but it could then poke your baby due to the lack of room, hence why we basically don’t use the pocket.

Other than that, the Hanababy carrier is amazing! It does come at a much higher price tag (£79.99) than the poorly made one we bought, but then you are getting something that is far better, both in terms of material and support offered. I’ll admit, that I’m less bothered by the material, but having that support finally in place does make carrying Isabelle around that much more enjoyable. I give this 7/10.

If you want to buy a Hanababy carrier, then feel free to head over to Amazon.

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