Isablog #4 – Taking a Four Month Old Baby on Holiday

Rather than the usual thing of me writing a blog every Sunday to sum up what’s happened this week, I’ve done it in a vlog format. For those of you who don’t know what that is, that’s basically me talking nonsense to the camera and posting it on YouTube. I hope to keep this up. I do enjoy doing it, but I do have this overwhelming feeling that it’s pointless and nobody cares, which kind of holds me back a little. I’ll get used to it, eventually. It’s probably not the best, I’ll admit, but you can still watch it if you really want to. Here’s the video:

Basically this week has seen us travel around the UK on a little road trip. Since I’ve written about each day as a separate post, and have a landing page for the whole thing, this weekly post seems a little pointless. But here’s the trip if you want to read that.

Thanks for reading!


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