UK Road Trip Day Four: Somewhere Adrift the North Sea

It’s been a day of firsts for Isabelle. For a start, we’re currently somewhere between North Shields and Amsterdam on a big boat in a very small room. They’ve even managed to provide you with the ability to sit on the toilet whilst showering. Not quite what I’m after when looking for somewhere to stay, but hey, we all have our preferences.

But this isn’t the only first for Isabelle today. It was also her first time on a beach. Admittedly it was just outside Newcastle, hardly a place known for its beaches, but a beach is a beach, and she quite enjoyed it.

It also provided us with an example as to why you really have to watch babies and their hands. We got to watch Isabelle shove a handful of sand into her mouth followed by a firm face plant into the beach. Somehow, she didn’t even cry, and found the whole thing rather amusing. Which took us more by surprise than the fact she thought it was all edible.

Unfortunately, though, sand wasn’t the only thing she managed to get all over her face, as she managed it with cupcake icing during breakfast. This is hardly a first that you have a milestone card for, but I’m still counting it.

I guess it’s kind of expected for her to be doing these things, but we easily forget that she’s four months old, and having her grab food and get it all over her is something we’ll have to get used to. But maybe not quite yet. We have almost two months before we have to worry about baby led weaning.

As for now, I’m currently being very cheap, refusing to pay €30s for two pizzas and instead opting to buy nuts, crisps and Milka (the ultimate holiday chocolate) from the shop. That way there’s more money to spend on important things, like cuddly toys from the Disney store. It’s all about having priorities, you see.

Anyway, that was what I was doing when I actually first finished this blog. It’s now the next day, and we’re in Amsterdam. I spent the night on a top bunk, and, much like Isabelle did, slept through the night. I’m sure she woke for feeds, but I didn’t notice.

Now it’s time to get out and see what Amsterdam has to offer to entertain a baby. I have a funny feeling it won’t be the red light district and all the legal drugs. But you never know.

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