Isablog #2 – Skydive and Other Thoughts

Finally! On my 3rd attempt, I managed to have a bit of luck with the weather and throw myself out of a plane. Well, it was more like fall out of a plane whilst attached very tightly to another man, but still, I did it.

It really is an experience that everyone should try. Yes, it comes with a bit of a price tag, and the money-to-time ratio isn’t exactly the best, but that moment where you break through the clouds, seemingly floating, with all the world (or the south of England) before you is breath-taking. You may be scared, anxious or totally bricking it, but once you leave that plane it will all be forgotten. I’ll admit, I wasn’t actually too nervous this time. I’m not trying to sound tough, but as this was the third time I’d driven down to Salisbury, the idea of doing it again was much worse than jumping out of a plane. In fairness, though, I can list hundreds of things worse than jumping out of a plane. Most of them involving socialising with peeople.

Isa Cool
Isabelle trying, but likely failing, to look cool

But it’s amazing how quickly the situations you find yourself in can change. One minute, I’m free-falling in a sea of white cloud, almost like the world has disappeared and it’s just me, this single moment of weightlessness and peaceful serentiy. Thirty minutes later I’m in Asda buying an egg and cress sandwich. My point being, everything changes. The once-in-a-lifetime moments pass, and you’re quickly back to reality. Luckily, the same goes for the bad moments.


One night during the week, for whatever reason, I got in a bit of a slump mentally. Instead of being engaged in the bath time routine I just wanted the next day to start. Instead of coming down stairs after my wife had Isabelle dressed for the night, I simply stayed upstairs alone playing guitar with no desire to move. I was done. But that moment, just like the one where I flew through the air from a plane, didn’t last. The very next night I decided to try to scare Isabelle with a little bit of peekaboo. Instead of crying, she laughed. Then she laughed again. Before long she was belly laughing like we’ve never seen before. It was amazing. And a totally different night to the one before.


My point being, is that nothing is constant. Good moments come and go just like the bad ones. All I do now is give in to whatever comes. If it’s a bad day, I know it won’t last, and if it’s a good day, I go with it and enjoy it, trying to get as much out of it as I can knowing that at any time it can disappear. That’s how I try to see my time with Isabelle, and to be honest, my life in general. One day at a time, and however I find myself, that’s how I go. I’ll admit, I do try to cultivate those good feelings with my arsenal of coping mechanisms, but I ultimately know that I’m not in charge, something else much bigger than me is, and I’m just here to surrender to it.

PS. I also did this skydive for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital. Which you can donate to here.


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