DFDS Seaways: Taking a Ferry From Newcastle to Amsterdam with a Baby

It’s been a day of firsts for Isabelle. For a start, we’re currently somewhere between North Shields and Amsterdam on a big boat in a very small room. They’ve even managed to provide you with the ability to sit on the toilet whilst showering. Not quite what I’m after when looking for somewhere to stay, but hey, we all have our preferences.

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UK Road Trip Day Three: Newcastle

Very rarely do plans and expectations meet up with reality when you have a baby.

I learned that pretty quickly the first time we ever took Isabelle to an aquarium. She slept the entire way round. Today we almost had a similar experience.

When it comes to travelling, I don’t really like too much planning.

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UK Road Trip Day Two: Blackpool

It finally happened. Last night was the first time I actually felt like a dad.

It was a pretty rough night, at least by Isabelle’s standard. No matter what we did, she would not settle. She wanted to put everything in her mouth, refused to go on her back or side for a feed, and whenever we tried she would let out a scream.

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UK Road Trip Day One: Birmingham

It’s a daunting prospect. Taking a 4 month old baby on a 6 day, 700 mile round trip across the UK with a ferry to Amsterdam in between. It’s something that not many people would even consider. But taking Isabelle away is something that all three of us have loved so far, so why not extend it a little further and see places we haven’t even been to ourselves.

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Accepting My Limitations as a New Parent

I always knew becoming a parent would be a huge life changing event. I believe that’s what you call stating the obvious. There was always going to be limitations. But I didn’t give much thought to just how much of a non-stop thing parenting was actually going to be. For some rather silly reason I just naturally assumed that I would still have plenty of free time and the freedom to do whatever I wanted. Pfft! Like F**K! But like many other new parents, I’ve quickly realised that the life I used to be able to live is no longer available to…

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